We make quilts for children and adults which are donated to various charitable organizations in our area.  Our January meeting is usually devoted to working as a group to produce a large number at one time. However, throughout the year individual guild members make and donate many items on their own which the Service committee donates in the name of the guild. The quilts go to a number of local organizations, including Center for Hope and Safety, our local veteran's home, nursing homes, disaster relief organizations and many others. 
Each member is expected to make one donated item each year but are welcomed and encouraged to make as many as they are motivated to do.

The recommended size sizes for Service quilts is either 36 inches X 40 or 50 x 60 inches. 


We send a  huge thank you to everyone who helped at the January Service meeting are in   January.  It was our pleasure to have Tomorrow's Children in Hackensack join us for the evening.  Tomorrow's Children was presented with twelve quilts which were made by member Solance Bommer and donated to the Service Committee in December.  

The Committee is excited to report that, to date, we have a grand total of thirty-two quilts from the January meeting and the Saturday Sew Day, six of which were given to Children's Health Services.